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Welcome to the North American International Livestock Exposition Online Livestock Entry System.
Entry Deadline: October 1st
Late Deadline: October 10th
1. Before you begin, you will need to read the information in the 2020 Premium List and General Rules book. You can find a copy of the book on our website. Make sure you have read all the rules thoroughly. Arrival and release times for each department can be found in the Premium Book.
 The Schedule of events can be viewed on our website.
2.To Begin click on Step 1 "Register". Please fill in your first and last name, then click that you are a new exhibitor. Please fill in all required fields.
3. Follow the directions to select the proper division and class number for each entry. Make a separate entry for each item.
4. You are able to exit and return to complete your entries prior to the entry deadline. You must SAVE (button in top left corner) your cart for your exhibitor and entry information to be available when you return.
5. Print your receipt and keep this for your records.
6. Pre-purchased passes will included in your packet that you will need to pick up upon arrival.  
7.  If you have any questions, please contact the NAILE Office at (502)595-3166.